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 Workshops conducted in Engineering and Arts & Science College(s):



 1. 32 routers workshop of dynamic routing protocols.

 2. VPN concepts with real time Cisco devices such as Routers and ASA Firewalls.

     i) Site to Site VPN

     ii) Site to Client VPN

     iii) Web VPN

 3. Checkpoint technologies: security threats and attacks.

 4. Availability of servers such as fail-over / Clustering.

 5. Hacking techniques.

 6. IPV4 to IPV6 migration  technique using Cisco devices.

 7. Setup of DNS servers and services with real time equipments.

 8. Checkpoint rule-base and authentication services both internal and external.


 9. Networking  and Security.

 10. Cryptography Techniques.

 11. Introduction Workshop in Networking.

 12. Visualization of Social Network analysis

 13. Link topology and site hierarchy

 14. Virtual and Web communities and Web site Clustering

 15 Security, Privacy and trust computational analysis of Social Networks

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